Adnams Beers 

Adnams Bitter ABV 3.7% -available all year round

A classic cask bitter: the choice of a growing number of discerning licensees.  Fragrant aromas of finest English hops and malt.  Dry but refreshing, with a distinctive lingering bitterness.  Appetising and delicious.  Adnams bitter is a category champion.

Adnams Broadside ABV 4.7% - available all year round

Premium cask bitter for the most demanding drinker and licensee.
Rich fruitcake aromas – almonds, zest and conserved fruit. A wonderful balance of malt and hop flavours. A pint to savour.  An easy drinking pint rich in flavour.

Adnams Explorer   ABV 4.3% - available all year round

A golden bitter suffused with the aromas of a grapefruit grove. The massive citrus attack will burst on your palate allowing all the flavours of the imported New World hops to deliver their fruity bitterness.  Adnams is “Exploring” new ground by sourcing interesting new hops from the USA that add different characters to the beer. By using the hops, not only in the copper but also in the cask, the drinker enjoys a mix of the traditional brewing quality that has become synonymous with the Adnams name, but also the contemporary  flavours of the New World.

Adnams Barley Mow ABV 5.0% - available September only

A rich and full bodied amber ale with deep malt character.  Created with Maris Otter Pale Ale, Crystal and Amber malts and Fuggles & Goldings hops that deliver a dry, roasted grain taste and hoppy finish.

Adnams Regatta 4.3% ABV - available June/July/August/September only

The perfect summer bitter of proven popularity.  Light, bright and crisp in flavour.  A refreshing thirst-quenching pint.  Delicious served cool on a warm summer’s day. Distinctively different.

Adnams Tally Ho - available December only

An unashamedly strong winter warmer. Brewed on a very limited run this beer is only available to a limited number of customers.

Adnams Oyster 4.3% ABV  - available February only

A rich, nutty, mouth filing classic dry stout. Made from East Anglian Pale Ale Malt, Crystal Malt, Chocolate Malt, roasted barley and English Goldings hops. Perfect with Oysters!

Adnams May Day 5.0% ABV  - available April/May only

An exceptional clean bitterness with a hint of Seville oranges which compliment a clear all malty base of East Anglian Pale Ale malt but hopped with a superb new entrant ‘First Gold’.

Adnams Old Ale - available October only


The Cross Keys have a large selection of Adnams wine available

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